Why I’m afraid to give up anything for Lent

I started this blog as apart of my observation of Lent. I have always been afraid. Afraid of losing for fear that people would talk badly about me. Afraid of winning for fear that people would highlight my flaws rather than celebrate my success. I was afraid of the dark for fear that i would lose my way. I was afraid to yell at my kids for fear they would hate me and afraid to not yell at them for fear they would become drug dealers and strippers. Well, for Lent I chose to give up fear.

In this blog I will document my journey toward fearlessness. Nothing will be off limits. I will share my journey, my successes and my failures raw and uncut in hopes that at least one other person will chose to give up fear too. I am a baker and this is my journey ….

P.S This is my very first blog. So… remember, patience is a virtue.


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